Avengers: Endgame (movie review with SPOILERS)

I love you 3000.

Even if there’s a small chance, we owe this to everyone who’s not in this room to try.

Everyone fails at who they’re supposed to be. A measure of a person, of a hero, is how well they succeed at being who they are.

No amount of money ever bought a second of time.

Turns out resentment is corrosive, and I hate it.

Avengers: Endgame was the culmination of 11 years of MCU movies, and like most everyone, I was very excited for it. I went to see it with my sister and three friends, and as the opening scene began, my gaze was locked on the screen. I couldn’t believe I was finally watching this movie.

But when I left the theater (three hours later!), I felt… unsatisfied. Had I enjoyed myself? Sure. Was the movie any good? Well, yes. But did I love it? Would I watch it again and again and sing its praises to anyone who would listen (as I’ve done with other movies)?


I didn’t love Endgame, and today I’m going to review it and tell you why. Continue reading “Avengers: Endgame (movie review with SPOILERS)”

2019 book blogger awards – my nominations

Hello there, readers!

Well, it’s been over a week, and here I am again, but I still don’t have a normal post (honestly, I’m not sure what a “normal” post looks like for this blog yet anyway). But I just discovered this awesome book blogger award thing here at May’s awesome blog, and I decided to do it! (If you haven’t, but know an awesome book blogger or two or five, then I tag you to do this as well. Even though it’s not technically a tag.)

2019 bba

Click on the picture to read the rules and categories (and to nominate people if you don’t have a blog of your own or don’t want to write a post).

(Full disclosure: I’m not sure exactly what makes a blogger count as a “book blogger,” so if I nominate you but you’re not technically a book blogger, I apologize!)

All right, on to the nominations!

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2 tags + an update

Salvete, amici! (That’s Latin, by the way.) I’m back, after an unplanned hiatus due to sickness, non-motivation, and an amazing but exhausting performing arts camp. (Emphasis on amazing – I danced to “Get Ready / Dancing in the Streets” from Motown, sang “Seize the Day” from Newsies, dramatically acted out some Scripture, and then danced to a clean Hamilton medley. It was one of the best experiences of my life so far.)

nine of the twelve people in my group

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God is enough. Sincerely, Me

Dear fellow seeker,

Today is going to be a good day, and here’s why. Because today, you’re you. No hiding, no lying, just you.

But that’s not enough, because you know what you are? You’re a sinner. A mess. A good-for-nothing disaster who keeps on doing the wrong thing no matter how hard you try.

You know it’s wrong. You know you’re massively screwing everything up. But you just can’t stop. Continue reading “God is enough. Sincerely, Me”

the Liebster award

I got tagged for this award! (Twice!)

First, I stole it – with permission – from the amazing Evelyn, because I fall into three of the categories of people she tagged. Sadly, I’m not a character. Well, I’m a character in God’s Story, but I can’t post on His blog, can I?

And then I was tagged by the equally amazing R.M. Archer, so I thought I might as well combine both sets of question into one post.

Further up and further in! Here are the rules:

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Caraval (book review)

Image result for caraval cover
the gorgeous US cover

Remember, it’s only a game. 

That’s what they told Scarlett Dragna when she first entered the magical realm of Caraval. It will look real, but it’s not.


But the colors are so vivid. The conflict is so deep. The castle’s full of secrets and the characters aren’t just actors.

Oh, and Julian? The boy she maybe… possibly… might be attracted to?

He feels pretty real.

So does the crimson blood pouring out of his cut.

Remember, it’s only a game.

But is it?

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