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Hello there, and welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m so glad you’ve discovered it, and I hope you’ll stick around. I’m Maya J.T., and I’m a homeschooled high schooler with a head full of ideas. (Check out my about page for more on who I am.) I’ve been writing since I was six, blogging since I was twelve, and dreaming since I was born. Continue reading “welcome to maya’s magic musings!”

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blog spotlight: Pananaw

Hello, world! It’s finally time to write my first post since my blog became public. I’m sorry I haven’t done this sooner, but I’ve been really busy (being on the crew for a musical is very fulfilling but utterly exhausting).

Anyway, I’m here. I’m doing a blog tour.  And I’m writing a blog spotlight for an amazing blogger: Jo! Continue reading “blog spotlight: Pananaw”

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Mary Poppins Returns (movie review + thoughts)

Remember Mary Poppins?

That musical about a magical nanny who comes from the sky and brings joy to a fractured family?

Maybe you remember it fondly, happily. The bird lady! The kite! The penguins! Or maybe you remember it with disgust. Ugh, the singing nanny? That was ridiculous! For little kids! I can’t even believe I watched that! Or maybe, you’ve never seen it.

No matter which of these three categories you’re in, I can say one thing with certainty:

Mary Poppins Returns is for you. Continue reading “Mary Poppins Returns (movie review + thoughts)”

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Fawkes (book review)

I wasn’t ready to turn to stone.

So begins Nadine Brandes’ epic YA Christian historical fantasy (a combination I don’t think I’ve ever seen before), Fawkes. I’d heard of it many times before actually reading it, and my impressions were definitely wrong. The first thing I thought of was, of course, a certain phoenix of Harry Potter fame. The mask on the cover made my mind jump to acting and drama. The term “historical fantasy” intrigued – and confused – me. And the first page, in which the main character Thomas Fawkes tries to cover up his turned-to-stone eye, merely added to the uncertainty.

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what to read after Harry Potter

Welcome to part 3 of my collection of book recommendations! I decided to go with Harry Potter for three reasons: one, it’s very popular, so many people have read it and wished there were more books like it. Two, even though it’s a point of contention (you can read a bit more of my thoughts on that here), people who don’t like it / aren’t allowed to read it or whatever may often still enjoy the fantasy genre and be interested in books that, while like Harry Potter, may lack some of the elements they dislike in that story. And three, I love fantasy, and I have lots more to recommend. Continue reading “what to read after Harry Potter”