One Who Follows Me

Since childhood’s golden hour I fled

With heart so dark and full of dread

And still I hear the steadfast tread

Of One Who follows me. 


My heart on independence set,

My mind on goals that must be met,

My troubled soul tries to forget

The One Who follows me.


Across the span of all my years,

Above the flood of all my tears,

Beyond the scope of all my fears,

There’s One Who follows me.


I’ve longed to feel the warmth of light,

To see the world with different sight,

To know that nothing can affright

This One Who follows me.


And though I stumble, though I fall,

Though I hear the sirens’ call,

Though I seem to lose it all,

Still He follows me.


I’ve come to know His feet, His voice,

To see beyond the shade of choice,

To feel a deadened heart rejoice

Because He follows me.


In truth He follows not behind

But from all around with voice so kind

He calls my heart, my soul, my mind;

He leads and follows me.


Now I flee from Him no more,

I chase as He gave chase before,

And so I follow through the door

The One Who followed me.

~ author unknown

Comment if you figure out who the author is. I really want to know.

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