Bright Eternity

The light of this eternity

Is glory all around of me

The life and joy that never ends

Is brightness shining into me

For now I know my fate is bright

I feel my joyous doom take flight

Forever, death that turns to life

The sun will rise from deepest night

The future – bright eternity!

Undying life that never ends

It clings to me, for now I’ve learned

To spurn my fear that never ends

This fate of glorious light is born

It chases me and hunts me down

My fear, my hopelessness is gone

This happy doom, this end is good

The truth of bright eternity

Is written on the heart of me

This endless, boundless, lasting day

This blessed gold eternity

Will ever, always make me free

O, hope of bright eternity

I’ll never run away from thee

For though I turn, you capture me

Your light is mine eternally

Read the original poem in this duology, “Dark Eternity,” here.

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