Walk Around the Pasture, with Simon // a poem


Outside in March

The world is dying to be spring

The trees are trying to remember green

The sprouts are poking up between the gold of last year’s straw

And my brother runs

Jumping, climbing

My Simon runs


In March



“Let’s go for a walk”

Wind blowing my hair

Clutching my novel

He follows, my Simon

Stops and turns and points

“Look, Maya, cat!

Cat following us –” his little hand outstretched

Fingers askew, face aglow

I smile.

“Yes, Simon, the cat is following us.”



The birds are singing

Remembering how to sing

And Simon listens.

His feet squishing the dirt and grass

He asks,

“Maya – sounds – what? Sounds!”

He stretches out his arm again.

“Birds,” I say. “The birds are singing –”

Yes, Simon, the birds are singing, the world is new –

“Where birds?”

He asks, brings me back to where I am.

I answer:

“The birds are hiding”

Hiding like spring beneath the snow

But now the spring is here.

“Simon find birds,” he declares.

And as we walk he tries to find them.

The bramble –

Not a bird.

The dirt –

Not a bird.

No birds can be seen in the sky.

Just all around us, singing.



The cat is still following us,

And she is our bodyguard,

Now going before, pausing, checking for intruders: a scout

Now following behind, our trusty rearguard

Simon is careful not to step on her,

But I see him eyeing her tail as it twitches.

He keeps his hands to his sides as he walks

And the cat follows us.



The clouds open and the sun hits my face

Burns bright, sudden

Simon runs to me laughing,

“Up you Maya? Up you?”

He wants me to hold him.

“Not now,” I tell him.

We wave at our brother and sister, feeding the chickens.

Simon wants to go to the chickens too.

I tell him, “We’re going home

Home to Mommy.”

“Mommy?” he says

His face lights up

And we walk toward the pine trees and home

His hand in mine.



“Maya, see bird!”

He cries

As a black one, red-breasted, sings in the grapevine.

We stop and watch it.

The sky suddenly erupts,

And he cries again,

“Maya, see one – no, two birds!”

“Three birds!” I cry back

And we watch them flying into the day


We walk on then,

Leaving the birds behind,

But not the joy they gave us.

Simon has found the birds.



Our brother takes Simon back to the house one way,

And I go another.

A book in my hands,

The sun and wind in the sky,

And the squishy, green ground beneath me.

The grass remembers green,

The world is new again,

And I am glad it rained last night

For now everything is growing.

The birds fly overhead as I step inside.

I wrote this poem the day I took my brother (whose name is not actually Simon) on a walk around our field. He is a sweet, fun little boy who loves our cat, taking walks, and school buses (despite the fact that we are homeschooled).


13 thoughts on “Walk Around the Pasture, with Simon // a poem

  1. Having several younger brothers myself, I really enjoyed the way you depicted your relationship with your brother! Very sweet poem, and I enjoyed the style.

  2. Goodness!! Your poetry is lovely! And I’m also impressed how much nicer you are about your little brother than I am to my little sister in poetry *coughs*

  3. WOW!! Compile these and publish them!!
    Wonderful beautiful stuff ,Maya.
    Thanks for sharing. !
    You have the gift!!!
    I love the idea of a bibliofile too of the books you’ve read>>>>>>>Im’ dreaming….. Always said some day I will have the time… now I fall asleep when I finally sit down and read. Thanks for sharing YOUr reviews.
    I love to do research on a topic ; Presently it ‘s Einstein and Michaelangelo as profound geniuses and why. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=symphoic+dances+played+by+sweedish+pianist&view=detail&mid=A659A1CC3BE4D8CDA27DA659A1CC3BE4D8CDA27D&FORM=VIRE

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