Walk Around the Pasture, with Simon // a poem

Hello, readers!

I’m taking this poem down (on 3/28/2020) because I shared a LOT of material from my book Cathedral on here, and I’ve decided to keep it private until I release said book. 

If you want to read something from the book, one piece I kept up is “admission.”

I’ll announce the book’s release sometime this summer or fall! 

The stories are true,


14 thoughts on “Walk Around the Pasture, with Simon // a poem

  1. Goodness!! Your poetry is lovely! And I’m also impressed how much nicer you are about your little brother than I am to my little sister in poetry *coughs*

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  2. WOW!! Compile these and publish them!!
    Wonderful beautiful stuff ,Maya.
    Thanks for sharing. !
    You have the gift!!!
    I love the idea of a bibliofile too of the books you’ve read>>>>>>>Im’ dreaming….. Always said some day I will have the time… now I fall asleep when I finally sit down and read. Thanks for sharing YOUr reviews.
    I love to do research on a topic ; Presently it ‘s Einstein and Michaelangelo as profound geniuses and why. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=symphoic+dances+played+by+sweedish+pianist&view=detail&mid=A659A1CC3BE4D8CDA27DA659A1CC3BE4D8CDA27D&FORM=VIRE

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