Atrocious Meter // a poem

Hey there, it’s Kate! I’m Maya’s imaginary assistant, and I’m making my first post on our blog. It’s a poem I wrote years ago, and I’m particularly proud of it.

There is such a thing as meter, you know

Beautiful beats help your poetry go

It needn’t be perfect to take off and fly

But please, oh please, just try to try


Not all rhymes cry out for meter,

Some flow better, even sound sweeter

If you make the careful choice

To let them sing with freeform voice.


Yes, free verse sings; I like it well:

But now I beg you NOT to sell

Rhymes that only try for beats

But fail, and shouldn’t be complete.


I’m not attacking your personal worth:

I believe that everyone on this earth

Has value; but please don’t be a completer

Of any poem with atrocious meter.

~ Katriona Aurelie Day Took

P.S. If you’d like to know more about me, please comment below! Maya says she’d like to to do an interview/introduction to me soon, so if you have questions or ideas for something like that, go ahead and tell us.

I shall endeavor to enjoy it as my secrets are shared with the world.

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