Odysseus // a poem

Hello there, readers!

Before you read my poem, I have a brief announcement: I’m taking a one-or-two-week-long semi-hiatus from blogging. Which means that if you comment on this post, and/or the one I have scheduled to come after it, I won’t respond to you for a while.

Okay, on to the poem:

My love, I have traveled far to find you

I fought and I conquered and I bled

And then I left the battle

Crossed the sea

Journeyed long and passed through danger

I braved the monsters and I gave my life


But you were no Penelope

And you turned away when I came for you

I ran with open arms

But you turned away

Leaving me waiting

Always waiting

For you


So now I call to you, my love

Across the sea I call

Take up my yoke and follow

The journey is not easy

Skylla and Charybdis and the cyclops and the dead

Sirens calling, calling


But if you come

I will be waiting for you

I’ll welcome you home

I’ll kill your suitors and open my doors

And tell you that you’re loved

So come home to me, my love

I am your Odysseus 


8 thoughts on “Odysseus // a poem

  1. OOF!! That was awesome! It reminded me of “My Love Has Gone Across the Sea”…but then you blended in heartbreak and unconditional love and /Homer/

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