the Wingfeather Saga pre-order is live!

Hello, my friends!

I have a short and exciting post for you today. Andrew Peterson, one of my favorite authors (and my favorite singer-songwriter), is re-releasing his Wingfeather Saga with Waterbrook. This series is a middle-grade fantasy story about three siblings, a lost kingdom, and the mysterious jewels of Anniera. It’s truly beautiful and one of the best fantasies I’ve ever read.

The first two are coming out on March 10 (one week away!) and anyone who pre-orders it (before the release) will also get a newly redesigned map of Glipwood (the setting of the first book).

learn all about the pre-order bonus

read AP’s Facebook post

read the Wingfeather website post about the new editions

check out Waterbrook’s post about the offer

I highly recommend this series and encourage you to check out all the links above. The books are incredible and I can’t wait to see the new editions!

Until next time, my friends!sign off

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20 thoughts on “the Wingfeather Saga pre-order is live!

  1. EEEEPPPP I am so excitedddd!!!! I pre-ordered the first two way back in January and I have been DYING to receive them!!!!! Especially since I haven’t read this series yet and I can tell I will love it because I’m reading Adorning the Dark right now and it’s SO. GOOD. So yeah. I’m pumped. But also the covers are gorgeous! ❤ ❤

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  2. I… I just realized that Andrew Peterson wrote these….

    I don’t know where I thought they came from before…

    *regrets every time I said “nah i’m not gonna read those”* :p

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      1. *I appreciate your amendment there*
        I’ve listened to… um… one song. But I have *heard of him*, you know? And he’s on my list of “musicians I should listen to, really want to listen to, but haven’t listened to yet.” :p

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        1. He’s a worthy addition to that list (and of course, someday, to the list of “musicians I absolutely love and can’t stop talking about.” or maybe just “musicians worth listening to often” XD)


  3. the COVERS I CAN’T
    hold faaaaast to the promiseee
    the storrrries are trueee
    my Jesus makes all things newww
    all things newwwwww
    i’m hoping to sing that for church one time, so seeing it on your signoff brought a smile to my face so thank you for that

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