CONTEST ENDS 5/31 ~ a post by Kate

Hello, readers of Maya’s blog.

You’re wondering why there’s a new post here, since she said she wouldn’t reappear until June 6.

The answer: I’m not Maya, I’m Kate.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet me yet, allow me to introduce myself. I’m human but I look like an elf and I’m Maya’s personal assistant.

that’s me on the right ↟↟

I just want to let you all know that Maya’s writing contest closes on the 31st! (Thanks to the incredible length of this quarantine, the deadline has been extended a week, so you all have EVEN MORE time to write your stories in hopes of winning the amazing prizes. )

Check out Maya’s original post to learn more and submit your stories!

Best of luck and may Iluvatar be with you.


One thought on “CONTEST ENDS 5/31 ~ a post by Kate

  1. Hmm….ooh! Fun! Contest extension! Good luck, judges! :))

    (also, off topic, but looking through the rules, now I want to write a story about a hairless cat and a romance relying on dumbells since no nudity/heavy romance is allowed, :PPP)

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