Hope in Disaster short story contest WINNERS!

Hello, my friends!

Over the past couple of weeks, Kiki, Charis, and I have been reading through a ton of short stories (39. If I counted right). Thank you so much to everyone who entered! It was great fun reading all your stories, and I think I may have discovered some new favorite writers (:

I’m so glad that we did this contest. It’s been an amazing experience, and I think that these stories will bring hope to many people! I can’t wait for you all to read them.

And now. The moment you’ve been waiting for…


the sorrow-smith

This story earned 28 points! All three judges were very impressed by the beautiful imagery, vivid emotion, and strong theme. (Also, I love the pseudonym 😄)

// read “The Sorrow-Smith” here //

The Grim Writer will receive a paperback copy of Fade to White by Tara K. Ross and a custom literary swag bundle from Literary Treasures Co.!

light after dark

Merie’s story earned 27 points and features great use of flashbacks, memorable characters, and a gorgeous portrayal of a relationship.

// read “Light After Dark” here //

Merie wins an e-ARC of Dust by Kara Swanson and a bundle from Literary Treasures Co.! Visit her blog here.

the beginning of everything

Bella’s story earned 26 points with her incredible descriptions, palpable emotion, and heart-wrenching romance.

// read “The Beginning of Everything” here //

Bella’s prize is an ebook or audiobook (her choice!) of The Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson and a bundle from Literary Treasures Co.! Visit her blog here.

honorable mention

Charis, Kiki, and I each picked one story as an honorable mention! I’m sharing my choice here; visit the other judges’ blogs to see their picks.

a crane to carry us

Claire’s story earned 25 points. She writes with powerful emotion and great characterization. I also particularly enjoyed her use of cranes throughout the story.

// read “A Crane to Carry Us” here //

it wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

2020 wasn’t supposed to be such a mess. Our lives weren’t supposed to be canceled. The United States wasn’t supposed to be full of rioting and racial tension.

But that’s what happened.

We’re stuck in a difficult time, a year of quarantine and protests. I’m sad and scared and confused. But the one thing I know for sure is that there is hope.

There is hope

Our stories are not over. God has a plan for our lives and our countries. God is good and He will use this for good.

I pray that these stories bring you hope in disaster, and that you never forget the truth.

This is not the end.

Until next time, stay safe and have hope.

sign off

P.S. Be sure to congratulate the winners, and don’t forget to check out Kiki and Charis‘ posts to read the other honorable mentions!

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