My Reading Spreadsheet // sharing a post by May @ Forever and Everly

Hey, friends! I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday.

Today I’m sharing a post from May @ Forever and Everly about keeping track of read books! It was very helpful to me, and I’ve started tracking my reads in a similar way.

I use some different categories (for example, I don’t track each book’s publisher, but since it’s important to me, I note which authors are Christians), but I decided to use essentially the same setup and I’m loving it!

// the stories are true //

P.S. WordPress is forcing me to switch to the block editor, and I can’t figure out how to justify text on here! Anyone have any tips?

Forever and Everly

I’m back to annoy and/or bore you. 

I did a post about my reading spreadsheet in 2018, but I’ve changed things since then, so I wanted to do an updated version! I’m only showing half of the sheets I’ve made, my read books and ARCs, but I have ones for monthly TBRs (unnecessary to show) and graphs (sharing at the end of the year).

I’m also going include a list of some Google Sheets functions that I like to use. You can easily find/google these, but I know when I was creating my spreadsheet it would’ve been handy to have a list of them!

This definitely is not a post with a template for you to use. But if you want some great spreadsheet templates, I recommend checking out Fadwa’s or Kal’s!!

Protests in Thailand against the monarchy have been going on since July, but recently several student…

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