Waiting Spaces by Acacia Mitchell // poetry book review + launch!

Hey there, my friends! I’m excited today to talk about my friend Acacia Mitchell’s poetry book, Waiting Spaces. I was honored to be a beta reader for it and I can’t wait for more people to read it!

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of modern, lyrical poetry, and Acacia’s was just right for me. I’m going to tell you all about why I loved it — after I tell you about it and its author (:

about the book

We have all waited.  

While searching for answers. Staying in places of rest and growth, or unsure of where to call home.

Waiting Spaces explores the feelings of waiting through poetical thought and spoken word. 

Each poem is written as a letter to those who are in their own spaces of waiting. 

Perhaps you will find one written to you. 

buy with color illustrations | buy with black and white illustrations

The first fifty people to order the book get a bunch of goodies! All you have to do is email her a screenshot of your receipt. Here are the details:

You can find Acacia on her blog Thoughts from a Tree or her Instagram @acaciawritespoems.

my review

note: I have permission from the author to quote one poem in full and small sections of others.

I really enjoyed myself reading Acacia’s poetry. She has a beautiful style that made me feel understood in a way I seldom am.

Don’t aim for the stars, they’ll only burn you, and
words said in secret will stay and hurt you.
Don’t let them.
Breathe deep and release
the memories and you will see
this place can be made into paradise.

Her poems, unlike others I’ve read, have an unexpected mix of order and chaos. The book is divided into several different sections, with names like the searching and the healing, and each explores different periods of waiting. I often find myself waiting for things to happen — wanting and worrying — so the book is incredibly relatable.

Here’s one of my favorites, “To the one who needs perspective:”

I am so small.
Fighting to be hopeful, water drop in a bucket of grace.
I am in this place solely because You decided that earth should have a me, because You delight in making beauty reality, here
the grass is greener when I choose to be content.

I don’t always choose to be content.
It is a peculiar sort of disease that makes the eyes of a seeing person blind to everything that conveniences them.
It is a belief that I am God and should be obeyed, it is idol worship in its purest form —
self. Aid me. I am holy, all powerful, consuming and unwritten. Remind me
remind me to be small.
Remind me that time is a measurement that I am held to and it must be held wisely.
So many things on this earth are small and important and I,
I am one of these.

It was very hard to pick a “favorite” poem to quote here, but that I think I made a good choice. Acacia captures so well the fight to be content and humble and thankful.

and in the midst of all of this, He comes into our shame
into the rejection and into the pain
into the places we want to erase and He sees.
sees it all and says that we are still welcome at His table.

I also appreciate Acacia’s gift for line breaks. She separates thoughts at just the right time. Here’s an example:

don’t get caught up in
boxes and tickets and fines and this,
this defines me and I can’t move past and I can’t remember when my soul last

I apologize for the length (short) and cohesiveness (little) of this review, but I haven’t had much time and every time I sit down to write this, all I can think to say is how much I love the book. And I could go on telling you all how much I love Waiting Spaces for a very long time, but I think the best idea right now is for you to check out Acacia’s blog and buy her book!

Look out for more poetry-related news tomorrow, friends!

The stories are true.

I’m not sure which hurts worse
never seeing beauty or never forgetting it
never letting it wash over your soul and ease your tired mind or
lying awake every night
wishing that you could go back.

8 thoughts on “Waiting Spaces by Acacia Mitchell // poetry book review + launch!

  1. Normally, I prefer more structured poetry with clear rhythms and rhymes, but this is really cool. My compliments to Acacia Mitchell–I really enjoyed the excerpts you shared.

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  2. This poetry seems really interesting. I’m also a fan of modern poetry so this sounds right up my street! Just to say, I’ve tagged you for the Original Outstanding Blogger Award. You can find the link on my blog, An Attic Full of Paper.

    Liked by 3 people

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