cover reveal: Fifteen by Amie Woleslagle

I’m back! I know it’s only been a day since I talked about a brand-new poetry book… but I can’t help it. I love it when young writers publish poetry, and so I sign up to share new books all the time 🙂

Today I’m honored to show you the cover for Amie Woleslagle’s book Fifteen!

You’re not alone

You’re not the only person who struggles with mental health issues, not the only person with demons floating in your mind. Amie Woleslagle wrote Fifteen because she deals with them as well. Not to fix your pain, but to reach out and hold your hand. To remind you that you are not alone, to ask you to stay and make the world a better place. Because the world will never be the same without you and your unique take on life. Fifteen is a book of poems crafted from one teenager dealing with mental health issues to another teenager in the same place. It walks through the battle of pretending to be okay, of having people you thought were trustworthy shatter your heart, and the battle of not giving in when your brain has given up. Fifteen covers true friendships, embracing joy, self acceptance, and living your faith while struggling with mental illness, all the while showing that, in the end, flowers will bloom in the ashes of your pain. 

The blurb really makes me want to read it! I can’t wait to start my copy.

preorder Fifteen in paperback on Etsy | preorder an ebook on Amazon

People who place a paperback preorder will receive special goodies! Submit your receipt here.

And here’s the cover:

Goodness, isn’t it lovely? The designer, Abigail Grace, also worked with me on the cover for my WIP Remnant. She’s so talented and has a lovely style!

To learn more about Fifteen and Amie, check out Amie on her website, blog, Instagram, and YouTube, and join her email list to become a Newsie!

Ahh, I love all these quotes, and the artwork is so beautiful. I can’t wait to check out all the art inside the book (Amie created all the illustrations too)!

Until next time, my friends, enjoy your September.

// Maya

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