when through the woods // fall plans + an announcement

Friends and strangers, today I’m here to tell you about my fall plans and make a very special announcement. (If you didn’t already know that, please refer to the featured image and title of this post.)

We’ll start with the plans, all right?

// reading //

I’m currently re-reading the Tales of Goldstone Wood. I’m also in the middle of Les Mis and Mere Christianity.

I have a hold on Letters to the Lost on Libby, I need to read Gilead before a book discussion on September 26, and I have a stack of library books to read (including Dune, My Name is Asher Lev, The Chosen, and Peace Like a River — all rereads).

Plus, on my bookshelf, I have (and have not yet read) The Door on Half-Bald Hill, Sing!, and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.

And for school this year, I’m reading King Lear, Paradise Lost, Emma, Little Dorrit, Wuthering Heights, Till We Have Faces, and Hamlet.

All that adds up to a lot of reading in my near future.

// school //

As mentioned above, I’m doing school this fall (as are many of you). I’m going to be — well, technically already am — a high school senior, and I have a very large amount of work to do. Seven online classes (with five different online schools) + one at home + voice lessons + (maybe?) a job mean that I’m going to be very busy. (:

// other //

  • My birthday is in October, and I’m probably going on a weekend trip with my mom and sister to celebrate! (If/when I do, I think I’ll post some pictures afterward.)
  • I’m having senior pictures taken in October too. You’ll know when it’s happened because my profile picture in the sidebar will change to something a lot more professional.
  • I’m applying to Hillsdale College! (Yay? *screaming*? I’m not sure yet.)
  • I’m working on my novel, my poetry and short story collection, and other misc writing.

All this leads to…

// the announcement //

The first part of this announcement (which you may have already guessed) is that I’m going to be blogging here a lot less (starting now). I have a few posts scheduled and I’ll be popping in now and then with book reviews, blog tours, and (maybe) some updates/photography posts, but other than that, this site will be fairly inactive until at least January. (Two of my classes end in December, so I’ll have more time then.)

The second part is that I’m starting another blog (bet you didn’t guess that one). It’s called “when through the woods,” and it’s mainly for poetry, rambles, and philosophical thoughts. While my starting might not make any sense when considering the above paragraph, here’s my thought process:

  • I don’t have a lot of time for blogging right now.
  • So I’m not going to be posting a lot of carefully written posts.
  • But I could post a lot of unedited, spur-of-the-moment poetry and thoughts.
    • That would also be a great motivation to write more poetry.
  • But I don’t want to post that here because it doesn’t exactly fit with everything else I post, and I don’t want to overwhelm my followers with random and frequent posts.

Thus was born when through the woods. It’s separate from this site, so you get to decide if you’d like your inbox/reader to be full of my poetry and random thoughts. If not, I’ll see you around very occasionally. If so, I’ll be seeing you quite soon. Either way, I hope you enjoy your fall and have a very productive school year.

The stories are true.

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