introducing Knights of Farthestshore, a Tales of Goldstone Wood fan site

Beyond the Final Water falling,
The Songs of Spheres recalling,
Won’t you return to me?

If you’ve been paying attention to my posts, you know that I absolutely love Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s Christian allegorical fantasy masterpiece, the Tales of Goldstone Wood. (And if you didn’t know that, I just neatly summed it up in one sentence — check out my posts featuring the Tales here). I first read the series in February and I’m currently rereading it (next up is Shadow Hand, my favorite the first time around).

I began to research the series and learn more about the author, and I discovered that she stepped back from writing the books and managing the old fan site about three years ago. So three months ago, I thought I might create a new fan site. I played around with a new WordPress blog and, after I had something I liked, I emailed a bunch of other fans and asked if they’d be interesting in collaborating on a fan site. I also — and this is the best part — got permission from the author (!!) to create the site.

And so, my friends, today I get to announce the launch of our fan site, Knights of Farthestshore: a haven for fans of the Tales of Goldstone Wood. Run by fans, for fans, the site will feature posts about the Tales. What character are you? Which love confession was the best? What do we still not know about Eanrin’s eyes? (Disclaimer: none of these posts are yet published, or even written. They are ideas for the kind of posts you’ll see.) We’re also accepting submissions of fanfiction and fanart from the Tales!

about the site

We, seven fans of the Tales of Goldstone Wood series, created this site to fangirl about analyze characters, explore the world and prose of Goldstone, and invite others to come and feel at home here. For a long time, these books have gone without being well-known, and we’re hoping to change that. So come check out the site and explore the library, read some posts, delight in quotes from these wonderful books, and sign your name in our guestbook. We and others will want to know you’ve visited so that we can say hi… and know that, perhaps, you’re another kindred spirit. We hope you enjoy your stay at our Haven for fans of Goldstone Wood!

visit the site | Instagram | Pinterest | playlist

Note to my readers who are not yet fans of the Tales: We invite you to check out Knights of Farthestshore anyway and learn more about the series! This handy page explains who the author is and features a list of the books with synopses, quotes, and Amazon and Goodreads links.

the Knights

Maya Joelle is I am a writer, dreamer, bookdragon, poet, forest girl, and sinner saved by grace who loves books, philosophy, and dark chocolate. I blog here and at when through the woods.

Lemon Duck (aka Four Misty) likes many things, from fires and volcanoes to the color yellow and art. And, of course, books! She blogs at World of Chronicles.

Hawkeye (aka HawkeyeRules) writes fanfiction, mostly Marvel and Hamilton, and is a fighter for truth and justice and a child of the King. She posts her fanfiction on Archive of Our Own here.

C.M. (aka C.C.) is an INTJ, freedom fighter, dragon rider, rebel for justice, history buff, truth seeker, dedicated saboteur of the True King, Narnian, 221B Baker Street regular, and traveler of Middle Earth. She blogs at Project Pursue Wisdom.

MiddleEarthMusician (aka Mem) is a child of the King who writes, makes music, takes martial arts, creates films, devours stories, geeks out, and calls OYAN home. She blogs at Ink and Page Reviews.

Ellery Maeve loves to read, make strange recipes, play the piano, stretch, drink tea, write letters, try to understand calculus, experiment with and then abandon nearly every craft, and dream about the future — though not usually literal dreaming. She blogs at a wildflower garden (it’s private; if you want to view it, request on her blog, then comment below and let me know. I’m her sister so I can tell her you’re a real person ;).

Kendra Lynne is a Christian 17-year-old girl who spends her time in one of four places: in the saddle, at the keyboard, in the kitchen, or more often than not, in Middle Earth and other fictional worlds. She blogs at Story Full.

That’s all for today. Have a lovely week, readers!


the stories are true

P.S. Have you read the Tales? Do you know who the thrush (that little bird up there) is? And isn’t that picture of Daylily gorgeous?

8 thoughts on “introducing Knights of Farthestshore, a Tales of Goldstone Wood fan site

  1. That’s so neat. I own the first two books in the Tales, but it’s been years since I read them (I remember nothing) and I never read any further. I’d say it’s time for a re-read (and possibly add the rest to my TBR if I like them). I’m glad to know there’s a lil fandom behind the series! ☺

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