me and music tag // some of my favorite songs!

Hello, friends! I saw this tag on Germaine Han’s blog and decided to steal copy do it. 😉

(Also guysss. Look at my header. A dude playing the cello in the FOREST!? It’s perfect. *happy sigh*)


The rules:

  1. Link back to original (Sophie @ Me and Ink) so she can see your answers and listen to the tunes.
  2. For every prompt you choose to do, name 1-5 songs (you can use Sophie’s graphics).
  3. Have fun and play your music LOUD!

(In typical Maya fashion, I’m interpreting this to mean my eternal home and places that remind of it. Sehnsucht, people.)

Finlandia (Be Still My Soul) || the waves and winds still know / his voice
Carry the Fire — Andrew Peterson || there’s a fire that burns within us
Shores, and the New World — Levi the Poet || I can’t reconcile loneliness with meaninglessness
The Call — Regina Spektor || you’ll come back when it’s over / no need to say goodbye
Magic in the Moment — The Gray Havens || all of these moments I have missed

The way I formatted the titles + artists + lyrics was inspired by Germaine’s post.


Come Home With Me — Hadestown || “who are you?” / “the man who’s gonna marry you”
My One Safe Place — Andrew Peterson || one look at your face is all I need to remember my name
The Proposal / The Night Was Alive — Titanic || may the Lord who watches all watch over thee
Let’s Get Married — The Gray Havens || we are young and full of love / and don’t have much at all
Miracle of Miracles — Fiddler on the Roof || but of all God’s miracles large and small / the most miraculous one of all / is the one I thought could never be / God has given you to me

Read the lyrics of that last one. Ahhh, wouldn’t it be awesome for someone to say that to you?


I’m a strange person. I don’t dance to the kind of songs most people do. 😝

From Now On — The Greatest Showman || let this promise in me start / like an anthem in my heart
High Enough — The Gray Havens || we’re still living in the rhyme / ’cause we fly to the mountain top
Get Ready / Dancing in the Streets — Motown || there’ll be swinging and swaying / and records playing


I’m supposed to pick FIVE?! How?

Okay, I’m going to go with only songs from movies and TV because if I included Broadway.. we’d be here all day.

Audition (The Fools Who Dream) — La La Land || a bit of madness is key / to give us new colors to see
The Place Where Lost Things Go — Mary Poppins Returns || waiting there until it’s time to show / spring is like that now, far beneath the show
Matchmaker — Fiddler on the Roof || it’s not that I’m sentimental / it’s just that I’m terrified
Evermore Beauty and the Beast || I never needed anybody in my life / I learned the truth too late
Tightrope — The Greatest Showman || I’d follow you to the great unknown


Grow As We Go — Ben Platt || you don’t ever have to leave / if to change is what you need / you can change right next to me
Shabbat — The Chosen (instrumental)


My Love Has Gone Across the Sea — Skye + Andrew Peterson || rejoice, my love, and call me blessed / in death, my love, I loved you best
Many Roads — Andrew Peterson || how I love to watch you listen to the music / ’cause you sing to me a music of your own
I Know That My Redeemer Lives || he lives, my savior, still the same
Santoki || mountain bunny, the bunny / where are you going?
This is My Father’s World || let me ne’er forget / that though the wrong seems oft so strong / God is the ruler yet

The first music artist that I listened to enthusiastically of my own choice was Andrew Peterson. (He’s still my favorite.) My dad used to sing “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” and “Santoki” (a traditional Korean children’s song — more about it here) with my sister and me at bedtime. And “This Is My Father’s World” was kind of our homeschool theme song for a long while.


Fighting Words — Ellie Holcomb || I will sing the truth into the dark
Brave — BYU Vocal Point || maybe one of these days you can let the light in
My Shot — Hamilton || I‘m laughin’ in the face of casualties and sorrow / for the first time, I’m thinkin’ past tomorrow
Fight Song / Amazing Grace — The Piano Guys (instrumental)
I Have Confidence — The Sound of Music || I have confidence in confidence alone / besides which you’ll see, I have confidence in me

content warning: “Brave” — drugs

I’m not really into old songs, unless they’re hymns, which I love very much.

Be Thou My Vision || thou mine inheritance, now and always
Abide With Me || oh thou who changest not
Crown Him With Many Crowns || awake, my soul, and sing / of him who died for thee
In Silent Pain the Eternal Son || for in his hands he holds the stars / his voice shall speak to end all wars / and those who love him see his scars / and look into his eyes


Empty Chairs at Empty Tables — Les Miserables || here they sang about tomorrow / and tomorrow never came
Doubt Comes In — Hadestown || it’s as though you aren’t there / where are you? where are you now?
Stay Alive (Reprise) — Hamilton || you changed the melody every time
Words Fail — Dear Evan Hansen || we were happy / I guess I couldn’t let that go


The TCBS — Tolkien (instrumental)
I’d Rather Be Me — Mean Girls || let’s just fight and then make up / not tell these lies
End of the World — Drew Holcomb + The Neighbors || don’t eulogize on my behalf, I’m a long way from my epitaph
Hello — Adele || they say that time’s supposed to heal ya / but I ain’t done much healing
Psalm 116 — Mission House feat. Andrew and Skye Peterson || you have delivered me / I will walk in the land of the living

content warning: “I’d Rather Be Me” — rude gesture; End of the World” — smoking

I… thought that was all of this post?

Always Good — Andrew Peterson || so maybe the answer surrounds us / but we don’t have eyes to see
This My Soul — The Gray Havens || he took the swords and cursed the grave / there’s nothing more to separate us from the promise
Orphan Theism — Levi the Poet || beauty pulls me beyond myself like I don’t even have a choice, so I know I don’t believe in nothing


I don’t really listen to popular music. Like, at all. *goes to look up what’s in the charts*

Okay, I found some charts that do actually include songs that I’ve heard. From the top 100 songs (US/worldwide) on Billboard this week and the top 100 streamed on Spotify in 2020, I’ve listened to:

  • “Holy” by Justin Bieber (content warning: drugs, sexual references)
  • “cardigan” by Taylor Swift (content warning: sexual references)
  • “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran
  • “Happy Anywhere” by Blake Shelton

I do like “Perfect” and “Happy Anywhere;” the other two are okay. I don’t love any of them, though.

(My favorite music rarely shows up on charts.)


Tarentella — Peter Pan || methinks I see a spark, a gleam, a glimmer of a plan

I was on the crew for this musical back in the spring of 2019. My friend Eli was a lost boy, and this song happens just before “I Won’t Grow Up” (which is the lost boys’ signature song). He was backstage to get ready for that, and I was backstage because it was my job, and we’d pantomime the lyrics to “Tarantella” back and forth. All of the lost boys pretty much adored this song and loved to dance to it.

There’s also a scene where a pirate (played by another friend, Luke) screams and dies, and we were backstage for that too. It was hard not to crack up as he SCREAMED and then burst through the set to give everyone backstage high fives.

I have so many good memories of that time…


The real answer is just about every song I listen to, but here are a few that I sing even though I really can’t, with the lines I always squeak or grumble or otherwise mangle.

Requiem — Dear Evan Hansen || after all you put me through / don’t say it wasn’t true / that you were not the monster that I knew
Speechless — Aladdin || I will take these broken wings / watch me burn across the sky
In a Crowd of Thousands — Anastasia || it was June / I was ten / I still think of that day now and then
Dead Mom — Beetlejuice || Mama, is this it / are you receiving / I want something to believe in / or I’m done

May I also direct you to this marvelous post by the Story Sponge, in which she sums up my thoughts on this issue.

content warning: “Dead Mom” — character wishes for another character to drop a nuclear bomb (what a weird content warning…)

peace — Taylor Swift || I’d give you my sunshine, give you my best
Never Be Alone — Shawn Mendes || remember we lay under the same stars
Turning Out — AJR || am I ready for love? / do you have instructions

content warning: “peace” — profanity

Ooh, fun. I’m going to find some albums that I like every single song from, if any exist.

Light for the Lost Boy — Andrew Peterson
Inheritance — Audrey Assad
Dream War — Ella Mine
Fire and Stone — The Gray Havens
Into the Lantern Waste — Sarah Sparks

While I’ve recently come to enjoy more diverse genres of music, the only albums that I completely love are still indie folk-y Christian.

the dancing is a bit weird, but his EMOTION! Ben Platt is my favorite male singer ❤
the SOLOIST in this one. I just love men’s choirs.
somebody edited this amazing song with LOTR clips and I am in awe.

Wow, that was long! I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about my music tastes 🙂

Until next time!

P.S. Happy Halloween!!

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20 thoughts on “me and music tag // some of my favorite songs!

  1. GLITTER AND GOLD YES *splutters* Ahem sorry, I love that song. I’ve seen an amazing Marvel edit to it as well… you should totally look it up! 😀 I haven’t listened to most of these, except I adore Requiem and Be Thou My Vision ❤

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  2. Let’s see… Sarah Sparks, Andrew Peterson, The Piano Guys, Les Mis, The Gray Havens… I approve. Not that that means anything necessarily, but I approve. Also cello playing in the forest.

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  3. Oh my, how FUN! I haven’t heard the majority of these. But… I LVOE ANDREW PETERSON’S MUSIC! He has so many awesome songs! And pretty much all the hymns I know and love too. 😀
    Also, Fight Song/Amazing Grace by the Piano Guys is… Pretty EPIC. 😉 I did NaNoWriMo this year, so I’ve been writing a ton. Let’s just say I’ve listened to a LOT of the Piano Guys lately… Haha!
    Awesome post! I imagine this took quite a bit of time to put together. I enjoyed reading it!!

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