introducing Red Raven // February is Fantasy Month!

My fantastical fellowship of friends…

This (awesome) linkup/gathering/giveaway/PARTY is hosted by the lovely Jenelle Schmidt. Check out her original post for info on how to join in the fun! The basic concept is that in February, anyone who wants to can participate by posting about anything fantasy-related. This year’s theme is “fandoms,” but I actually didn’t know that when I wrote this post… so I’m sticking with my original plan, to tell you all about my WIP idea Red Raven.

I talk a lot about Remnant (my main WIP) on my blog, but I haven’t really talked about Red Raven at all. Today that changes! Red Raven is a placeholder title for an adult fantasy novel with themes of orthodoxy and doctrine, salvation and forgiveness, and societal norms. It’s a placeholder title — I probably will change it if I ever finish it just because there’s already a published book called Red Rising (and in my first month on Goodreads I must’ve seen fifty books with “raven” in the title 😂). But it’s perfect because Red and Raven are the middle names of two of my main characters and I love the alliteration!

So, I’m pleased to introduce my new-ish (I had the idea in 2019 or 2020) pre-WIP (as in, it’s not exactly in process yet, except for brainstorming and inspiration collecting)… Red Raven.

(That was confusing, sorry xP)

Note: there are a lot of images in this post, and none of them are mine, but I didn’t cite sources due to the sheer amount. If you own an image and want me to credit you or take it down, please let me know ASAP!

the story

This is the part I’m the most shaky on… *laughs nervously* Red Raven is a romance. A story of class and culture. A novel about religion and the things we do to make sure no one challenges our beliefs. About the terrible steps we’ll take to pursue immortality. The outcasts of society who take it down, and the ones who build it up.

It starts with Niobe Red. At a young age, she was taken from her homeland and sold into slavery. She’s been a menial worker — and a prostitute — since then (this is why it’s an adult story, people). She’s currently traveling the country (which, as of yet, does not have a name) as her owner tries to sell her.

Meanwhile, in the utopian religious society of Athanatos, Darius Raven, who was trying to save his people, ends up ruining a great deal and gets thrown into prison. It’s his thirty-fifth day in his cell, so he decides to escape.

At the very moment he makes his attempt, Niobe collapses in absolute pain.

And thus begins an epic story…

…that I still need to do a lot of work on.

(…That I probably won’t work on right now because I’m trying to focus on Remnant and Secrets… why do I have so many projects…)

the characters

Niobe Red

Niobe is the main protagonist and POV of the story. She’s fifteen years old when it starts, but twenty when the action picks up and the story really begins. As I mentioned above, she’s been a slave since she was little. She believes herself to be immune to hurt feelings and depression and love and… pretty much all emotion, but she’s wrong. She’s strong but afraid — so afraid. And she finds Athanatos wondrously fascinating.

Emeth Echo

Emeth is the oldest child of Athanatos’ rulers. He’s wisecracking and smirky and hilariously lovable, but he’s hiding dark, terrible things under that adorably handsome smile. He’s irresistibly drawn to Niobe.

Darius Raven

Darius is Emeth’s younger brother. He believes himself to be the only possible salvation for Athanatos and will go to great lengths to protect it — and thus, has ended up in prison. He doesn’t understand happiness properly and wishes it was acceptable to look different than his family and people. He recently started writing a memoir of sorts. Emeth probably wouldn’t like it.

Rhian Silver ⟡ Eodred ⟡ Havilah

Rhian is Darius and Emeth’s adopted older sister/best friend/(unwanted) mentor. She moved to Athanatos a few years ago and quickly got caught up in their culture and religion, but she still remembers what it’s like outside.

Eodred and Havilah are the monarchs of Athanatos and Darius and Emeth’s parents.

Isaiah ⟡ Katriel ⟡ Clara

Isaiah is the king of the land (the one that doesn’t have a name), and Katriel and Clara are his daughters.

slave girls

When the story starts, Niobe is traveling with a group of other slaves. Their owner is trying to sell them all. There are five or so who are named and play roles in the story, but the three main ones are Sigyn, Rossie, and Capha. Sigyn is the same age as Niobe but is favored for her compliance and beauty. Rossie is older and weary. Capha is nine and afraid.

the world

I haven’t developed the country very much — it doesn’t have a name yet, as you’ve seen. But I have done lots of thinking about Athanatos! Athanatos is a wooded city, with beautiful cathedrals and libraries.

All of the inhabitants are very religious and pious. They honor their God and their rulers constantly and are careful to offend no one. They won’t easily admit it, but they believe themselves to be better than others and prefer not to associate with non-residents.

They also all have white hair…

…except Darius.

So… there you have it, folks! My partially-developed, messy idea of a WIP, Red Raven.

Don’t forget to check out Jenelle’s post and get in on all the amazingness happening this February…

Until next time,

P.S. Who interests you more — Darius or Emeth? Would you like to read this story?

14 thoughts on “introducing Red Raven // February is Fantasy Month!

  1. Allow me to be the first to tell you that this story sounds ridiculously amazing. 🥰 The aesthetics!—and I can already tell your characters need a lot of hugs and first aid kits and chocolate. (Maybe because they remind me a lot of my own, lol. Niobe makes me think of Sorcha and Gretta, at least.) In answer to your question at the end, Darius is more intriguing. Why is his hair dark? Who put him in prison? Why does he think it’s his job to save everybody when he’s not even the heir?! So many questions! MAYA!! WRITE IT SO WE CAN ALL READ IT!!!! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love my Middle Grade fantasy- Tale of the Cattail Forest is my main WIP. I have written a lot about this book in the past- if you haven’t met my MC, look at a few posts previously to find it.

    You might want to to do that for your MC

    Liked by 1 person

  3. okay so stories with utopian societies in them usually don’t interest me, like, at all (I don’t know why that is), but for some reason I’m really, really captured by the sound of this one. I…want to read it. A lot. (Emeth interests me more, for whatever reason. I’m like 98% sure I love him.)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am quite intrigued by this story! Your characters all sound very interesting, and the world sounds fascinating. I’m excited to learn more about it!

    Of Emeth or Darius…. it sounds like they both have some stories to tell… but as a character I’m probably more interested in Emeth, just because the snarky-grinning-to-hide-the-darkness-inside character is one of my favorite kinds. I love characters who resort to humor to cope with pain/tragedy/difficulty/trials (probably because I tend to do the same), and I like a sort of tragic character… I just want to scoop them all up and give them a big hug. (Not that they’d let on that they appreciate it, of course) 🙂

    Thanks for joining Fantasy Month!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This sounds amazing!!! It’s kind of hard to choose between what little I know of Emeth and Darius… but I think I’m interested in Darius more? But then again I do love the characters who hide dark secrets behind dashing smiles and snarky wit. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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