the Disney character blog tag // feat. my charries and lots of fanart

Hi, I’m back to do another tag!

They’re an awfully handy way to write a blog post when you don’t have ideas, and I like how they let me link to some of my favorite bloggers 😉

Today I’m doing the Disney character blog tag, which was created, and for which I was tagged, by E.K. Seaver Thanks for tagging me, Emily!

Note: all fanart in this post was not made by, or for, me. Sources credited. 😀

⟡ rules ⟡

  • link back to the tag’s creator
  • link back to the person who tagged you (both of these rules point you to Emily! thank you, Em)
  • pick 10-12 of your favorite Disney characters
  • choose which of your cast of characters (from your current or a former WIP) reminds you of those princesses and tell us why
  • tag 4-7 other people
  • (optional) use the graphic Emily created for the tag (above)

Note: Emily told me I could use Marvel characters too 😉 And I took that to mean Star Wars counts as well.

I decided to pick main characters from my WIPs and match each to a Disney character!

Kalrona (Remnant) ⟡ Loki (MCU)

Annnd… no one is surprised 🙈 Kalrona was literally inspired by Loki, so… yeah. He’s a prince of an immortal kingdom, he has long dark hair, and he likes to laugh at others’ pain. I hope he doesn’t just read like a Loki copy, except that if it weren’t plagiarism I’d wish he did because Loki is the perfect character for my story 😝

sources: left, middle, right

Marelle (Remnant) ⟡ Elsa (Frozen) / Jyn (Rogue One)

(The really funny thing is that I’ve seen people shipping Loki with Elsa… and I sometimes ship Marelle with Kalrona…)

Anyway, Marelle is a lot like Elsa in that she’s hid for most of her life and was taught that she is dangerous. Though, at the point in the story when you meet her, I think you’ll find she’s more confident in herself. Her ghosts are still chasing her, though.

She’s also a bit like Jyn Erso. At least, she looks like Jyn, and I sometimes imagine Felicity Jones playing her.

sources: left, middle, right

Lyriona (Remnant) ⟡ MJ (MCU)

Again, this is kind of cheating because Lyriona was inspired by MJ. But whatever. She wasn’t originally based on MJ, but when I realized how much they are alike, Lyriona clicked for me and I knew how to write her.

Like MJ, Lyriona resorts to sarcasm when she’s uncomfortable, and she tends to be seen as strange or different by those around her because of her blunt honesty and her quiet observing. But she desperately needs someone to notice her.

sources: left, middle, right

Giladh (Remnant) ⟡ Bucky (MCU)

There’s only a tiny similarity here, but I’m going with it. Bucky and Gil both have lived through awful, awful things, including separation and estrangement from their best friends, and yet they’ve survived. Giladh has a better life now than Bucky — he’s married to his new best friend (since the old one, well, doesn’t want anything to do with him). But he’s still haunted by the memory of years past, mistakes made.

sources: left, middle, right

Rosamund (Remnant) ⟡ Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Like Belle, Rosamund cares deeply about her family and would do anything to protect them. She is also drawn to people for their hearts and their characters, not their appearances, so she probably wouldn’t care if her husband turned into a beast. I was inspired by Nia from the Wingfeather Saga when creating Rosamund, and *spoilers for Wingfeather books* that kind of happens to Nia.

sources: left, middle, right

Ariadne (Captive) ⟡ Ella (Cinderella)

I haven’t actually written Captive yet, but I think Ariadne is going to be a lot like Ella. Calm, kind, courageous, gentle, beautiful. Utterly unsuited to a continent-spanning adventure. Meanwhile, Mireille — who is everything Ariadne is not — is going to be forced to stay at home. Haha, it’s going to be very fun to write.

I used to have a character named Elarin who was almost exactly like the 2015 Cinderella, but I cut her out, and it’s exciting to imagine having a similar character again.


Sophie (Remnant) ⟡ Jasmine (Aladdin)

Like Jasmine, Sophie lives in a kingdom that has always been ruled by men, and like Jasmine, those men don’t want her to have a say in their government. She refuses to be silenced, but she also respects the men who have ruled and works with them — so she’s perhaps a bit less of a feminist (that’s me coming out in my characters, ha). Unfortunately Sophie doesn’t wear such lovely clothes, but maybe that can change…

sources: left, middle, right

Martha (Secrets) ⟡ Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast)

Like Mrs. Potts, Martha is caring, motherly, and knowledgeable, and she refuses to let people hide from their problems. She also likes tea, so naturally I thought of her 😉

sources: left, right

Dominic (Secrets) ⟡ Rapunzel (Tangled)

You know the part of Tangled where Rapunzel gets outside and she starts running around and hugging everything? Yeah? That’s Dominic, that’s totally Dominic. He would just love to hug all of nature. Especially trees. And flowers. And sunsets. Can you hug a sunset? I don’t know, but Dominic would find out.

Unlike Rapunzel, he doesn’t doubt himself constantly… but I think that’s because he’s already figured out his dream. He knows who he is and what he’s meant to do. He already went through his awkward uncertain period.

sources: left, middle, right

Emeth (Red Raven) ⟡ Flynn (Tangled)

Emeth is another character I haven’t actually written much about yet, but when I do… yes. He’s like Flynn, but in a bad way. He’s charming and funny and handsome and smirky and… actually kind of messed up, but he covers that all up with his charm.

sources: left, middle, right

Darius (Red Raven) ⟡ Mulan

Darius is Emeth’s brother, and they’re pretty much opposites. Like Mulan, Darius would happily take a family member’s place and ride off into battle — only they won’t let him. He’s used to being different than everyone else, and he’s tired of apologizing for it, so he’s decided not to.

sources: left, middle, right

I tag…

Have fun with the questions!

Until next time, friends.

P.S. Which Disney character is like one of your charries? Which would you rather meet, Emeth or Darius?

(also I just now realized that Red Raven has a love triangle and I’m like why do I do this to myself)

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15 thoughts on “the Disney character blog tag // feat. my charries and lots of fanart

  1. I don’t know . . . Hmm, I’ve never really thought about that. Wow. I would say maybe the prince from Cinderella (is his name Charming?) is like my MC in the story I’m co-writing. He’s kind and smart and will do anything to find and protect his loved ones. Also, he’s super rich and handsome so . . . yeah 🙂 One of the villain MCs is like Gaston with his sense of self-importance and the way he treats his girlfriend. He’s an interesting one for sure. I think I would like to meet Emeth and see what he’s like under the charm.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t watch a lot of Disney, but my character Ardan has always made me think of an animal sidekick. If an animal sidekick had an arc and fell in love…are there any animal sidekicks who start the story off as happy, clueless puppies, hit their low point as sad, guilty-and-grief-stricken puppies, and end the story as happy, clueless puppies who have gained some wisdom and a bitter streak? Somehow I doubt it, lol. Are there any not-animal-sidekick Disney characters like that? Gah, I don’t know Disney characters, obviously. XD I think I answered question two last post…although I’m sorta questioning my answer now…but I must say I was already thinking “hey, looks like Red Raven has a love triangle”, lol. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness, I love this idea! It seems like such a cool way to really think about your MC and think about how they act/their personality. I think my MC, Idos, is like Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. He’s charming, persuasive, and he would gladly fight a dragon to save someone he cares for!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. For some reason I just love that you have a character you can compare with Mrs. Potts.
    Giladh sounds like a character I would write- I have a tendency towards giving my characters Traumatic Pasts that haunt them and give them a terrible time for the rest of their lives, even if things are way better in the present.
    I would definitely rather meet Darius than Emeth, from what you said of them. Characters like Flynn Ryder are great in stories, but that doesn’t mean I want to meet them.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *cackles and rubs hands evilly* it appears that people are fairly split on the Darius vs. Emeth debate, which I didn’t expect but makes me verrry happy. Because. Maybe my fans will argue over ships in my books someday. That would be amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t draw them, lol. They’re just fanart I found online. But thank you!

      Yeah, I kinda view Jasmine as a first-wave feminist? Honestly, a lot of feminism today doesn’t make a ton of sense to me, since I (at least) feel I’m treated equally. But there definitely was a time when women were treated awfully (and they still are in some parts of the world) and I think Aladdin portrays a situation like that well. Jasmine is a lovely character 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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