28 thoughts on “2021 reading wrap-up ⟡ feat. stats & a tag :)

  1. This was so fun to read! (and helpful; now I have books to add to MY ‘to read’ list) I’ve also watched “Encanto,” “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Shadow & Bone” this year, and I LOVE THEM!! Sadly, I didn’t get to read much during 2021, I always find myself too busy or feeling like I’m wasting time if I read rather than write, but I plan/hope to read more in 2022!! (I don’t know about 75 books tho… I’ll start with maybe 5 lol)

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  2. Ahhhh, love this post!
    – The more you mention Thorn, the more I know I need to read it.
    – I read Till We Have Faces for my first time this year, & it just may be my favorite book of all time. I completely understand why you re-read it, because I’ve been dying to for months. I should just do it.
    – Though I have not read Dickens’ Little Dorrit, I adored the BBC miniseries! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.
    – I enjoyed diving into the Grishaverse through the novels & the show this year, too, & had a similar experience with its escapism. ❤
    – Also, as a fellow unashamed Loki-stan, I am THRILLED to hear someone liked the show as much as I did. Honestly, I don't understand the majority of criticism it has gotten in comparison to the other Disney+ series, at least the ones I saw. Though I became a Marvel fan not long before the show was releasing, I thought Loki was fantastic (& it did cement him as my very favorite MCU character as well for sure, aghhh<3), had an incredible storyline (& aesthetic), & amazing characterization.

    Anyway, happy new year! (:

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    1. – YES you need to read Thorn!
      – Ugh TWHF is the best. The best Lewis novel, one of the best novels of all time, maybe my favorite…
      – Ooh, I’ve been wanting to watch that! It’s intimidatingly long though.
      – Which Grishaverse books have you read?
      – yeah the show has such a cool aesthetic! and storyline! and everything! *flails in happiness*


    1. That makes me even more excited to read it! My sister got it for Christmas and really enjoyed it. I have limited experience with Chesterton (I love Orthodoxy though) so I’m looking forward to reading more!

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  3. this post was so fun to read. quite a few of your books you mentioned are on my tbr. and ahh now i want to read shadow and bone. i hope you have a wonderful new year! 🙂

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  4. Ooh, great post! I keep hearing about Song of the Sea but I’ve never watched it, maybe that should be my goal for 2022! Do you mind if I use your tag questions in a blog post on my site? I’ll credit you 😁

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  5. Happy New Year, and it was so fun to see a new post from you, Maya! (Also, CONGRATULATIONS on Cathedral’s release! That is so wonderful, and I cannot wait to read it!)

    Oh, I really enjoyed Encanto as well! (The music is excellent!) And I also LOVE the 2009 Emma and the first season of The Chosen. I’m excited to watch All Creatures Great and Small and Wives and Daughters at some point. I’m also interested in Spider-Man: No Way Home since so many of my friends love it.

    Eve in Exile is excellent. I was skeptical about it for maybe 60% of the way through, but it ended up being a very solid book. I’ll be eager to hear your thoughts on it!

    I’m so sorry to hear that you went through a rough patch this year, and I’m so glad to hear that God has helped you cling to him during that time and climb out of that hole. It’s beyond comforting to know that He is enough when our faith is shaky.

    May you have a blessed, joyous start to this New Year, and I pray that you continue to thrive at college and in faith! ❤


    1. I’m glad to hear you liked those shows! You’d love Wives and Daughters. What were some movies you liked last year?

      Ooh, good to know. I’m really looking forward to it; I enjoy a lot of Canon Press content and want to read more!

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      1. I can’t wait to watch it soon!

        Hmm, movies I liked last year…I watched way more shows than movies, but a few I really enjoyed overall were Jungle Cruise, Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings, Encanto, and the Night at the Museum movies (I expected them to be super dumb, but they were a lot funnier than I thought they would be).

        And I can’t go without mentioning how much I loved Disney+’s The Mysterious Benedict Society and Masterpiece’s Little Women. I’m also in the middle of BBC’s Merlin and am absolutely loving it so far (although the magic toes the line for me).

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  6. I read Little Dorrit in 2020 (at least I think it was 2020?) and it wasn’t my favorite Dickens, but it was Dickens and therefore had entertaining characters. I was particularly entertained by Mr. F’s Aunt. It does end well, that is true.

    Till We Have Faces and The Perilous Gard are both AMAZING. I love them so much.

    Song of the Sea is such a beautiful film! I discovered it a couple of years ago. It has such a lovely animation style, and also I am a sucker for siblings, so.

    I LOVE the Hunger Games movies, despite a few issues I might have with adaption choices. It took me a while to warm up to them, actually, but at this point I just love them. Overall they are just…really good.

    I just watched Encanto last night and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it! The family was oddly endearing, and I just loved that there were COUSINS.

    Matthew! I agree with you that the first season of The Chosen is better, I think. Matthew is definitely my favorite. 🙂

    I read too many adult books in 2021 so in 2022 I am planning on reading more MG books because I miss them. 🙂

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    1. Well…. *hides* it is one of only three Dickens books I have read, and of those it is the best. What’s your favorite Dickens?

      Yay, another Perilous Gard fan! (KATE AND CHRISTOPHER!!)

      I… sort of miss MG? Like I know I used to love it, and I miss a lot of things about it, but I don’t really enjoy reading it anymore. Do you have any recommendations for me based on the books I mentioned in this post?

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  7. My favorite Dickens book might be David Copperfield, but it’s been so long since I read most of them that I can’t really be sure… I just love Tommy Traddles so dearly, and Aunt Betsy Trotwood! It is very long though. I have enjoyed every Dickens book I’ve read to some extent, though my least favorite is probably Dombey and Son. The characters in that one weren’t quite as engaging for me, and some of them were SO AGGRAVATING to the point of making the book less enjoyable… What were the other Dickens books you read?


    That’s sad that you don’t really enjoy MG anymore! I kind of get it but for me it’s more like I have gotten EXTREMELY picky and fewer and fewer MG books satisfy me. Hm, that’s tricky. I haven’t read most of the books you talked about in this post. But these are some good ones (if you haven’t read them already): The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Steward, Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, Larklight by Philip Reeve, and Momo by Michael Ende.

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    1. I’ve read A Christmas Carol and David Copperfield (I have very vague memories of that one), as well as a few chapters of A Tale of Two Cities.

      Ah, thank you for the recs! I have read the first two of those but not the others 🙂

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  8. Thank you for the wonderful year-end post, Maya! As always, I’ve come away with MORE titles from you to add to my TBR. xD I’ve already added ALL of your favorite reads on my list, and own Thorn (<- Between your lovely review and everyone else's, I gave in and got a great used copy. I don't really recall the story of The Goose Girl, so I should probably refresh on that. :D), Little Dorrit, Sorcery of Thorns, Till We Have Faces, Morning Star ;), and Book of a Thousand Days – so I shall get to re/reading those soon!!

    I want to see Dune. Really bad. ❤ I'm so happy to hear that it's a success in being faithful and successful!

    I miss your OTP page! <#

    The Man Who Was Thursday is quite a fun and rather WILD ride! I was left feeling a bit confused but elated…. ? 😀 I'd love to know what you think. I've been meaning to reread it and take some notes about what I think of it (more like, what I have question about haha).

    This tag is so fun! I've a feeling that I need to take it up as soon as I finish looking over my year log. ❤

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