Cathedral book launch!

I’m several days late on this, but at long last I am here to tell you all about my book and its entrance into the world!

Cathedral is a book of poetry and creative prose about beauty in the midst of grief and joy in the face of great sorrow. I wrote the pieces in it over the past five years (the earliest poem is from 2016, while I wrote the very first poem in the book in August 2021). They chronicle my own personal journey through darkness and desperation; they are also arranged in a particular order so that the book itself is a journey from death into life.

The themes and message of my book were heavily influenced by Andrew Peterson’s Adorning the Dark and N.D. Wilson’s Death By Living, as well as a lecture I attended by S.D. Smith. If you’re interested in reading some of my poetry before buying the book, I recommend checking out my other blog! My writing style has been inspired by Rebekah Elle, Allison Beery, Havilah Gael, Levi the Poet, Essie Writes Poetry, and Bethany J. Melton.

A lot of people helped me send my book out into the world. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the book launch! Here are some links if you would like to check out their posts:

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S.J. Barnard
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Thanks also to the people who helped out on Instagram, Goodreads, and email lists! (:

you know what hurts more than goodbye?
the almost-goodbye.
letting go of someone you never quite knew
and knowing you cannot know each other
and knowing you cannot know each other well
until you stand before God’s throne.

and knowing that it is good.

~ goodbyes

Have any questions about my book (or just want to chat)? Drop a comment!

Until next time,

the stories are true,
~ Maya

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