the book-lover blog tag

Well, my friends, I’ve been tagged for entirely too many tags to go on not doing them. So behold: I am doing a tag.

I was tagged for the book-lover blog tag by Leannah @ The Story Girl. Thanks, Leannah!

the rules

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog. (Already did!)
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  3. Answer the questions.
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the questions + my answers

1 // What is your favorite thing about reading?

My favorite thing about reading is that I can immerse myself in an imaginary world and come to know and care about the characters in the story. I also particularly enjoy it when a (fiction) book makes me challenge my assumptions/point of view on an issue.

2 // Who is your favorite male character?

Narnia Movie Tie-in | Narnia Fans

Ahh, just one? Well, having recently re-read the Ender’s Game/Shadow series, I must say that I’m particularly partial to Peter Wiggin, the Speaker for the Dead, and Julian Delphiki. I also like Sam and Glorfindel (The Lord of the Rings), Tellius (The Gateway Chronicles), Eanrin and Aethelbald (The Tales of Goldstone Wood), and Edmund (The Chronicles of Narnia).

(I couldn’t find a single cover in the Ender series that I liked! So there’s the cover of a Narnia book, featuring Edmund somewhat prominently.

Orson Scott Card, I beg of you, hire someone new to design your book covers.)Read More »

I am no dude // a short inspired by LOTR

Hello, my friends!

I wrote this short script many years ago, in a slightly different format. Since I won’t be making it into a video anytime soon, I’m sharing it with you now.

It’s different than most of what I usually post here, but it’s too amusing to keep it to myself. Enjoy!

(P.S. This is almost entirely inspired by the movie version of LOTR, not the books. It’s not endorsed by Peter Jackson or J.R.R. Tolkien or anyone associated with either of them. And it’s in no way intended to belittle the masterpieces of cinema and literature created by them. Just so we’re clear;)

The NAZGÛL stands by his dragon, cloak blowing dramatically in the wind, in the midst of a bloody battlefield.

NAZGÛL (to the battle in general): Hey, dudes! I challenge you to come fight me! Come on, don’t be afraid! (he gestures to ARAGORN) Aren’t you supposed to be a king or something?

ARAGORN (heroically fighting an orc): Perhaps someday I will vanquish you. But it is not this day… this day I kill your soldiers. This day I reclaim my kingdom! (he yells and hews down the orc)

NAZGÛL: Oh, no problem, dude. I completely get it. See you later… Hey, you! Yep, you, with the fancy hairdo. Wanna fight me?

LEGOLAS (about to swing off on a rope): Oh, I’m so sorry, I really wish I could, but I’ve got to kill this… um… elephant thing. Makes all the girls swoon, you know? (he is pulled up and away by the rope)

NAZGÛL: That’s totally okay, dude. No hard feelings. (he looks around for another candidate). Hey you! With the beard! I need an opponent to dramatically kill. You up for this scene?Read More »

The Dressmaker’s Secret by Kellyn Roth // review + giveaway!

Hello, my friends!

Today’s post is all about my friend Kellyn Roth‘s amazing new book, The Dressmaker’s Secret. I had the honor of being on her ARC readers team for it, and now I get to review it for you! I’m so excited to do this!

about the book


If they knew who she was, they’d never accept what she’s become.

Claire will stop at nothing to provide for her daughters. An unwed mother, she does everything possible to raise them whilst avoiding her scandalous past. Some secrets are best kept, even between mother and daughter.

Alice longs for a father, especially if that means her mother will be happy. She takes matters into her own hands—but she never expected what she finds.

Despite her efforts to shelter her daughters, Claire’s ghosts rise up to haunt her, and any semblance of control over her life vanishes. If her secrets are uncovered, what will become of her family?

Amazon| Goodreads

about the author

Kellyn Roth is a Christian historical women’s fiction & romance author from North-Eastern Oregon who has independently published multiple novels, the most notable being The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series.

She founded the company Reveries Co. to help Indie authors achieve excellence affordably and without delay. Kell teaches writing through the Young Writer Lessons as well as privately and through her blog.

She lives in the country outside a small town in North-Eastern Oregon with her parents, two little brothers, conceited beta fish, arbitrary cat, precious border collies, and various cows and chickens.

Facebook| Instagram| Twitter| website| newsletter

my review

The Dressmaker’s Secret is a historical women’s fiction/romance, which is not a genre I typically read. I was intrigued by its synopsis and I really like Kellyn’s work, though, so I decided to sign up for the ARC readers team — and I’m glad I did! I very much enjoyed the book and can’t wait for its sequel, Ivy Introspective (coming out this summer). Read More »

Dust by Kara Swanson // cover reveal + preorder goodies!

My friends, today I get to share with you the cover for Kara Swanson’s new book Dust!

Kara is the author of the novella The Girl Who Could See. Her book Dust, which is a Peter Pan retelling/sequel, releases this July with Enclave Publishing.

And the cover is gorgeous:


Even if I didn’t know anything about the story, that cover would make me want to read it.

About the book:

The truth about Neverland is far more dangerous than a fairy tale.
Claire Kenton believes the world is too dark for magic to be real—since her twin brother was stolen away as a child. Now Claire’s desperate search points to London… and a boy who shouldn’t exist.
Peter Pan is having a beastly time getting back to Neverland. Grounded in London and hunted by his own Lost Boys, Peter searches for the last hope of restoring his crumbling island: a lass with magic in her veins.
The girl who fears her own destiny is on a collision course with the boy who never wanted to grow up. The truth behind this fairy tale is about to unravel everything Claire thought she knew about Peter Pan—and herself.

Read More »

flotsam and jetsam | 3

Hello, friends!

I’ve taken an unintentional blogging break since Christmastime, and it’s likely to extend for a while (because I have SCHOOL), but I have a few things I’d like to share with you today. So welcome to flotsam and jetsam #3.

meadow of sunflowers

First: voting is open for the Best of 2019 Blogging Awards, hosted by Megan @ A Barefoot Gal! Some of my very favorite blogs are on the list, including Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life, Charis Rae, Essie Writes Poetry, and many others I’m forgetting. Go vote!Read More »

the Christmas spirit tag

Hello there! I’ve been tagged for this tag by a good friend of mine. I’m not allowed to say who she is (for reasons you’ll soon understand), but I’m thankful for her and for her tagging me, and I’m excited to do her tag.

But first:

the rules

  1. This is an anonymous tag. DO NOT link back to the creator or whoever tagged you — the goal of this tag is to spread Christmas spirit anonymously. Consider it a sort of “pay it forward” — you don’t know who started it, but you’re there to continue it. You can say thank you, of course, in the comments of whoever tagged you, but it’s all very “Secret Santa” when you create your post.
  2. Answer the copy-and-paste-able questions (GIFs, photos, song lyrics, poem extracts, etc. are all welcome).
  3. Share one thing Christmas taught you.
  4. Tag as many people as you can thing to help spread Christmas cheer around the blogosphere (my word, that rhymed).

And now…

the questions

(and my answers)

What is your favorite Christmas Bible verse?

I absolutely love all of Isaiah 53, especially in the NIV (which is strange, because in almost every other case I pick the ESV). It’s not technically a “Christmas Bible verse,” I guess, but it reminds me that Jesus came to die. That the reason He was born as a baby was so he could save us from our sins. And in that way, it really is a Christmas verse. As is nearly every verse in the entire Bible (:Read More »

know the novel part three: it is written // a writers linkup

Hello, my friends! Today I’m participating in Christine’s third NaNo linkup, where I’ll talk about the retelling of Fiddler on the Roof that I wrote in November. (Find parts one and two here.)

If you’d like to participate in this, check out her post for the rules. (All writers, including those who didn’t do NaNoWriMo, are welcome!)

1 // Firstly, how did writing this novel go all around?

It went well! I thoroughly enjoyed myself (although I did stay up too late writing several nights…) and made the full 50k without feeling completely drained. Maybe next year I’ll try for 60 or 70k… maybe. Anyway, the writing was great.

2 // Did it turn out like you expected or completely different? And how do you feel about the outcome?

It turned out how I expected, mostly. Of course, the characters pretty much did what they liked and wrecked my ideas, but I was expecting that because my only outline was the musical script. And I liked the final outcome!

3 // What aspect of the story did you love writing about the most? (Characters, plot, setting, prose, etc.)

Asa!!! I love my fiddler very much. I also enjoyed writing the funeral scene (which came completely out of nowhere) and Hadassah’s writing (also a surprise). Read More »

admission // a poem

Sometimes — 

always —

it’s hard to admit you’re wrong. 

Hard to let a dream die. 

You hold it and you nurture it

and for one moment — 

at least — 

it’s real. 

Your dream, 

a reality. 

So even when it becomes more and more difficult

even when you’re starting to know it can’t happen

you won’t let the dream die. 

You hold on and on. 

Darling, do the hard thing. 

Let it die

let it go

You’ll find reality is sweeter when it’s real. 

You’ll see how glorious it is to be unburdened

of a dream that was never meant to be. 

Darling, let it die. 

It’s always hard — 

but, oh, so right — 

to admit you’re wrong. 

Tales of the Lonely Sun // blog spotlight + interview + GIVEAWAY

Hello, friends!

Today I’m participating in the blog tour for a brand-new blog: Tales of the Lonely Sun! This amazing blog is run by four teen girls, and it features posts about books and writing, plus a short story contest! The winners for their contest will be announced on Thursday, so subscribe to their blog to be notified about that (and get the info on how to enter the next contest; they happen every two months).

This post is going to be long, but I promise it’s all interesting.  And if you stick around to the end, there’s a giveaway!

About the blog:

We’re four girls who love reading, writing, and most importantly, Jesus. The Lonely Sun emblem symbolizes the Light amidst the Darkness, an illustration of the world and how it’s always been.

We hope to focus on reading and writing books that are full of light opposed to books centered around darkness. The Tales of the Lonely Sun team are spreading the word about good moral books, and how to write them.

We host a seasonal writing contest for writers looking to share their work, and offer book reviews for the book dragons among us.

Tales of the Lonely Sun is run by Carlye, Merie, Jorja, and Mya. I’ll share their bios later. But first, I’m excited to show you our interview! I asked the girls some questions, and one or more of them answered each one.


1 // What first inspired you to start this blog? (Whose idea was it?)

Merie: Funny thing — Carlye and I both had this idea around the same time! I actually contacted Abigail Harder about it first, but then Carlye contacted us, and so we decided to merge the two together. (Abigail doesn’t post, but she judges for the short story contests 🙂 ) 

2 // Why do you write?

Jorja: I write because there is no feeling quite like reading an amazing book for the first time, and I want to share that feeling with people through my writing. I also want the world to have less books where, if you recommend them to someone, you have to start out by warning them of inappropriate content. I blog for pretty much the same reason, I want to share books that have given me that “this is an amazing book” feeling, and give people some advice that has helped me so that they can write their own. Read More »

Dust to Flame by Hope Ann // book launch!

Hello, my readers and friends!

Hope Ann’s wonderful book Dust to Flame releases TODAY, and I’m so excited to be participating in the launch! If you’ve never heard of Hope or her books, you’re in for a treat. Hope writes fantasy stories about important things: family, relationships, fear, power, and more. She also works for Story Embers and has an amazing blog.

And today you get the opportunity to buy one of her books!

2Read More »