This is where you can find my old posts from when I used this site as my blog! I’m currently active on my main blog:

the mid-year book freak-out tag 🙂

Originally posted on when through the woods:
Well met, travelers, and welcome to the woods, where your [aspirationally] gracious hostess is nearly always absent and there is no uniformity of theme or style to her posts. How have you all been? Last time, I posted a long ramble about death and academia. Today I’m here…

hiatus announcement 🙂

Hey friends! As is probably obvious, I’m not posting on here right now. I have been, however, slightly more active on my other blog, when through the woods; follow me there if you want to keep getting updates! I may return to blogging here someday, but for right now I’m saying goodbye. Until we meetContinue reading “hiatus announcement :)”


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