my last post on Maya Joelle…

…at least I think so. Friends, the time has come to bid this blog farewell. I’m sure you’ve seen it coming. I’ve been inconsistent in my posting, every other post seems to be a hiatus announcement — and now — it’s time to say goodbye. But not to blogging! You can read all of myContinue reading “my last post on Maya Joelle…”

2-year blogging anniversary

Hello, friends! It’s been about a month since I last blogged, and I’m afraid I must warn you not to expect any kind of consistency from me for a while yet. I’m busy with school, work, college prep, and all kinds of graduation-related things. Then, of course, I will actually start college. So my bloggingContinue reading “2-year blogging anniversary”

ask me questions! ⟡ a Q&A to celebrate 2 years of blogging

Hello and welcome! I think the title of this posts pretty much sums it up… I’ve been blogging for (almost) 2 years, so to celebrate, I’m asking you all to ask me questions! I’ve never done a Q&A before, mainly because I find them to be overdone (generally) among bloggers I follow, and it getsContinue reading “ask me questions! ⟡ a Q&A to celebrate 2 years of blogging”

I need your help! // take my reader survey

Hello and welcome, friends! As the title of my post says, I need your help today. I’ve created a survey for all my blog and email list readers: a collection of questions about my theme, brand, and writing style. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I write and what audience I’m writing for,Continue reading “I need your help! // take my reader survey”

the Disney character blog tag // feat. my charries and lots of fanart

Hi, I’m back to do another tag! They’re an awfully handy way to write a blog post when you don’t have ideas, and I like how they let me link to some of my favorite bloggers 😉 Today I’m doing the Disney character blog tag, which was created, and for which I was tagged, byContinue reading “the Disney character blog tag // feat. my charries and lots of fanart”

meet my MC wrap-up // ft. tons of amazing characters (and my MC Aionladon)!

It’s time to meet everyone’s MCs! Back at the beginning of January, I created a linkup for writers. Basically, it’s a list of 10 questions for bloggers to answer about their MC (main character) — or any character they wanted — in a post, then link back to mine so I could compile a list.Continue reading “meet my MC wrap-up // ft. tons of amazing characters (and my MC Aionladon)!”

cover reveal // SHADOW by Kara Swanson

Hello, lost boys and girls, pirates, fairies, Neverbeasts, and everyone else! Welcome to the cover reveal for Kara Swanson’s Shadow! I am so excited and honored to participate in this reveal. For those of you who don’t know, Shadow is book two in a duology, the Heirs of Neverland, which is a Peter Pan retelling/sequel.Continue reading “cover reveal // SHADOW by Kara Swanson”

meet my MC // writers linkup open Jan. 1-30

Hey, friends! As many of you may know, for two years now I’ve participated in Christine Smith Author’s amazing NaNo Know the Novel linkup. It’s a fun way to connect with other writers and talk about your current WIP, and I really enjoyed it. As I was doing this year’s Know the Novel, I hadContinue reading “meet my MC // writers linkup open Jan. 1-30”

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