admission // a poem

Sometimes — 

always —

it’s hard to admit you’re wrong. 

Hard to let a dream die. 

You hold it and you nurture it

and for one moment — 

at least — 

it’s real. 

Your dream, 

a reality. 

So even when it becomes more and more difficult

even when you’re starting to know it can’t happen

you won’t let the dream die. 

You hold on and on. 

Darling, do the hard thing. 

Let it die

let it go

You’ll find reality is sweeter when it’s real. 

You’ll see how glorious it is to be unburdened

of a dream that was never meant to be. 

Darling, let it die. 

It’s always hard — 

but, oh, so right — 

to admit you’re wrong. 

Inktober 2019 // poetry snippets

Hello, my friends!

NaNoWriMo is over (and I won, which was stressful but worth it – more on that later). I still have more work to do on my Fiddler novel.  I’m about to start work on my short story and poetry collection. Christmas is coming.

So naturally, I’m sharing some snippets of poetry that I wrote in October using the Inktober prompts.

. . . naturally.

Let’s ignore the fact that the timing of this post doesn’t make much sense and focus instead on the fact that I wrote 31 (34, actually) poems in October, a few of which are worth reading, and that today I’m going to give you the pleasure of seeing some of them.

And let’s begin.

I’ll be sharing quotes from my favorite poems of the month, along with pictures (courtesy of Unsplash) that I’ve chosen to go along with them.

pavement surrounded with dried leaves

day 1: ring

This smell of fall is a whisper,
A glimmer,
A glimpse of your grandeur.
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Odysseus // a poem

Hello there, readers!

Before you read my poem, I have a brief announcement: I’m taking a one-or-two-week-long semi-hiatus from blogging. Which means that if you comment on this post, and/or the one I have scheduled to come after it, I won’t respond to you for a while.

Okay, on to the poem:

My love, I have traveled far to find you

I fought and I conquered and I bled

And then I left the battle

Crossed the sea

Journeyed long and passed through danger

I braved the monsters and I gave my life


But you were no PenelopeRead More »

wildflower sisters // a photoshoot

My little sister asked to have her hair curled. My other sister decided it was a perfect opportunity for a photoshoot. I decided it was the perfect opportunity for a photography post! (Featuring quotes, of course. When I write a blog post, expect quotes.)

So, in the style of Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life, I present to you:

wildflower sisters, featuring quotes

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.
// Isaiah 40:8 //

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