Cathedral: a collection is a book of poetry & creative prose about beauty in the midst of grief and joy in the face of great sorrow.

oh brave one,
oh broken, beautifully brave one,
remember that no matter how tiny the fragments this time,
how far apart they are scattered,
how long you must search,
he will help you find the pieces of the person you once were
and the image you once bore.

~ Cathedral, “to the broken ones”

Originally a collection of poetry and short stories (~12k) which was alpha/beta read, professionally edited, and put on hold, Cathedral is now complete at ~6k (with the majority of stories cut) and was published in December 2021!

SIMILAR COLLECTIONS: Spark (Allison Beery), A Poet’s Dictionary (Havilah Gael), This Will Not Last (Laurel Jean)

INSPIRED BY: Adorning the Dark (Andrew Peterson), Death By Living (N.D. Wilson), Till We Have Faces (C.S. Lewis)

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