looking back at my book // a glimpse into Remnant’s earlier incarnations, with much laughter

Hello hello, friends (and strangers)! I wrote this post a long while ago. It was inspired by Sarah Baran (aka The Sarcastic Elf). I highly encourage you to check out her blog if you enjoy mine (or even if you don’t). Crazy homeschooled fantasy writers are the best. Especially if sarcasm is involved. As theContinue reading “looking back at my book // a glimpse into Remnant’s earlier incarnations, with much laughter”

Crowning Heaven by Emily Hayse // cover reveal

Hello and welcome, friends! How has your week been so far? (We’ve only had two days. But still. Things may have happened to you.) On Monday, I started (will start, as I’m writing this on Sunday) a summer performing arts program. I’m learning to sing “Audition” from La La Land and I’m doing a scene from AContinue reading “Crowning Heaven by Emily Hayse // cover reveal”

the Wingfeather Saga pre-order is live!

Hello, my friends! I have a short and exciting post for you today. Andrew Peterson, one of my favorite authors (and my favorite singer-songwriter), is re-releasing his Wingfeather Saga with Waterbrook. This series is a middle-grade fantasy story about three siblings, a lost kingdom, and the mysterious jewels of Anniera. It’s truly beautiful and one ofContinue reading “the Wingfeather Saga pre-order is live!”

fantastical realms blog tag

Today I’m doing an amazing tag that Jenelle Schmidt created! This tag goes along with the theme “February is Fantasy Month,” and Jenelle’s also created a linkup and a giant giveaway. All the information for that is in her original post, so go check that out! As you probably know, fantasy is my very favoriteContinue reading “fantastical realms blog tag”

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