From the Heart by Eva Grace // poetry book review + author interview

Hey there, my friends! (*awkward wave at any strangers present*) My friend Eva Grace wrote a poetry book, and I’m here to talk all about it (plus share my interview with her!).

about the book

A poetry collection about life, the world, people, beauty, and adventure. Dare to dream, try, and conquer.                                                                                                                                  
Here I leave my thoughts
Here I tell my dreams
Here I unveil my secrets
Here my heart is opened
And everything pours out

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my review

If you couldn’t tell from all the poetry book reviews/cover reveals/blog tours on my blog, I read a lot of poetry, especially books by young writers. It’s one of my very favorite things to do. So I was very excited when Eva told me she was publishing hers.

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Waiting Spaces by Acacia Mitchell // poetry book review + launch!

Hey there, my friends! I’m excited today to talk about my friend Acacia Mitchell’s poetry book, Waiting Spaces. I was honored to be a beta reader for it and I can’t wait for more people to read it!

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of modern, lyrical poetry, and Acacia’s was just right for me. I’m going to tell you all about why I loved it — after I tell you about it and its author (:

about the book

We have all waited.  

While searching for answers. Staying in places of rest and growth, or unsure of where to call home.

Waiting Spaces explores the feelings of waiting through poetical thought and spoken word. 

Each poem is written as a letter to those who are in their own spaces of waiting. 

Perhaps you will find one written to you. 

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