flotsam & jetsam | 5

Hello, all! At this point, you probably know what my flotsam and jetsam posts look like. (If you don’t, read some old ones.) I’ve got a lot of random things to write about today. Lent & Easter Lent is the season leading up to Easter, during which many Christians remember Jesus’ suffering by fasting, readingContinue reading “flotsam & jetsam | 5”

Golgatha by Angela R. Watts // cover reveal

Today is the cover reveal for Angela Watts’ novel Golgatha! The book description and cover are both amazing, and I hope I get a chance to read it someday. DARKNESS HAS A PRICE AND THE LIGHT HAS NO MERCY FOR SINNERS Prince Moray will lead his empire to glory, even if it means dabbling with forbiddenContinue reading “Golgatha by Angela R. Watts // cover reveal”

fast-paced books to read while you’re stuck at home

Hello, my friends! It’s been a little over a week since everything shut down in Michigan. My tae kwon do class was canceled. My church is livestreaming. My ACT was postponed and my AP exam will be at my house. My musical is on hold with no definite plans to actually perform. Most of youContinue reading “fast-paced books to read while you’re stuck at home”

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