the Tales of Goldstone Wood tag

Well met, Knights (and everyone else)! Today I’m doing the Tales of Goldstone Wood tag, which was created by the Knights of Farthestshore. (I did help found that site, but I didn’t create this tag… credit for that goes to Knights Kendra and StarJoy!) rules: ~ use the tag graphic (see above)~ link back to KnightsContinue reading “the Tales of Goldstone Wood tag”

how NOT to confess your love // with examples from literature

Confession: I love reading stories with romance. (Notice that I didn’t say “romances.”) I used to pretend I didn’t. I used to say oh, I don’t care if a story has romance and I wish there were more books with platonic relationships instead of all this romantic stuff. It was out of a desire to seem open-minded,Continue reading “how NOT to confess your love // with examples from literature”

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