home // island living, II

I remember hours spent cowering in corners, hiding futilely from the waves, battered to and fro by sprays of saltwater that felt like curses. Slipping away from the storms and trying to be safe but never, never able to. 

Now I’m here on my own and the feeling of safety is pervasive all around me. 

Now I’m here and I get to build my own — 



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shipwreck // island living, I

When the sailboat’s hull scrapes on the sandbar, all I can think is finally.


Finally I have managed to sail my vessel straight to the island I always wanted to be on. At last I am grounded, marooned, isolated. I am truly alone. 

I hear the ugly sound of sand on wood, the creaking of my faithful vessel as it protests the harm I am doing it. Uncertain jerks. Confused waves splashing around a barrier that shouldn’t be there. 

Is it a shipwreck if the boat doesn’t break? 

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