Welcome to my WIP page! Here’s where you can learn about some of my current and previous projects. (Note: this is not a comprehensive list of all my projects. That would be very long.)

All works, ideas, covers, characters, etc. on this page are mine and may not be quoted, imitated, or otherwise used without my permission.

The Silver Saga

started in 2013
high fantasy quartet exploring themes of family, forgiveness, and identity

book one: Remnant

cover by Abigail Grace

ABOUT: The story of Aionladon, a young boy who desperately wants to be a hero. The story of Matthias and Acacia, heirs to a throne. The story of Kalrona, who can’t be the villain he says he is; of Giladh, who is running from the truth; of Nigel, who has buried his past deep; and of Quinn, who is tired of being the monster. A tale of fallible people and forever grace. The journey of the remnant of a bright kingdom.

THEMES: forgiveness, grace, identity, family

STATUS: begun in 2013; restarted in January 2019; worked with alphas; currently writing — wrote 10k for NaNo 2020 [ 68k in January 2021; hoping to finish early/mid-2021 ]

“You can’t change what you did,” she says. “Can’t change the past.”

“Your eyes are so blue,” he murmurs. “So beautifully blue.”

“‘Streaked through by silver,'” she quotes his poem.

“You remembered,” she says.

His smile was a memory.

She was trying to forget.


posts about/featuring Remnant

posts mentioning Remnant on my other blog

Nigel collage; quotes from the book; Giladh/Sophie collage

  • book two: Paradise | set 3 years later | Perrin and Novalie looking for the Lost City | Priscilla and her destiny to rule | Jannai and Kyrie fighting, falling in love | Aionladon and his stubborn hero self | Thomas the blacksmith | a female monarchy| dreams, belonging, doom | NaNo 2021 (?)
  • book three: Kindred | 3 years after book two | Aionladon’s destiny | halfbloods and horrors | long-lived love | elven regents | school in X’lion | Lucia the Iron | mountains | legacy, identity, vocation
  • book four: Captive | 50 years after book three | Mireille alone | Ariadne afraid | halfbloods and heroes | unknown | Sleit’Ranian dragons | slave trade | a fractured marriage | a long-lost brother | parents’ legacies | contentment, trust, reunion

Cathedral: a collection

written 2015-2020
collection of poetry and short stories

various cover concepts; final cover (so far) is pretty similar to the second one

ABOUT: A compilation of writing from many years, all telling a story of dreams, darkness, and dawn. Each “brick” is part of a cathedral.

STATUS: complete; read by alphas + betas; professionally edited [ ON HOLD ]


started 2020
contemporary retelling of The Secret Garden

ABOUT: Seventeen-year-old Mary Lennox, disagreeable and lonely, is sent from her D.C. apartment to live in her family’s ancestral home: Watership Hearth in Nashville. There she meets Martha Seabrook, a girl who understands herself; Martha’s brother Dominic, who loves the woods; and Colin Craven, Mary’s elusive cousin with a mind full of terrors.

STATUS: Semi-planned, two chapters written.

the picture of Mary is from This Beautiful Fantastic. quotes from The Secret Garden.

The Ancient Song

NaNo 2019
contemporary retelling of Fiddler on the Roof

ABOUT: Inspired by Andrew Peterson’s songs “Maybe Next Year” and “The Ballad of Jody Baxter,” this Fiddler retelling sets the story among modern-day Christian homeschoolers and follows three sisters. The oldest, Sarah, is attending a liberal arts college for a writing degree; the second, Hadassah, is taking community college classes for nursing; and the third, Eve, is a senior in high school who wants to pursue a career in the military.

STATUS: 50k handwritten; ~2k typed up

the picture of Eve (purple collage) is Ari Bagley. quotes from hymns (public domain), Rich Mullins, LOTR, La La Land, Frozen, Jess Ray, Tangled, Skye Peterson, The Gray Havens, Andrew Peterson, + Dear Evan Hansen


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