Welcome to my works in progress page! Here are some of the stories I’m working on. All of the ideas and covers are tentative, and they’re mine, so no stealing, please!

the Silver Saga

genre: fantasy

started: 2013

book one: Remnant

cover by Grace Pedersen

about: The story of Aionladon, a young boy who desperately wants to be a hero. The story of Matthias and Acacia, heirs to a throne. The story of Kalrona, who can’t be the villain he says he is; of Giladh, who is running from the truth; of Nigel, who has buried his past deep; and of Quinn, who is tired of being the monster. A tale of fallible people and forever grace. The journey of the remnant of a bright kingdom.

status: begun in 2013; restarted in January 2019; worked with alphas; currently writing (26k in March 2020)

book two: Paradise

about: The sequel to Remnant, this one is about Perrin and Novalie, who want to find a long-lost paradise city and restore its glory. Meanwhile other characters are searching for their own paradises. Priscilla is destined to rule the Last City, and Aionladon is trying to grow up.

status: planning and beginning to write [NANO 2020]

book three: Captive

Set in the same world as the previous two, but this time, following Elarin on her search for her brother, Mireille and Ariadne on their quests for heroics, and Calista and Gavaen in their desperate attempts to save those they love. Plus, a slave trade, British dragons, and an adventurous quest!

status: in my head, with some plans written down

You Are My Sunshine

A modern fantasy following a group of characters through five years, telling the same story from different perspectives, and explaining the power of deception, love, lies, and who’s telling the story.

status: several handwritten chapters [ON HOLD]

cathedral cover.png


about: A collection of poetry and short stories.

Stories are pieces of novels.
Poems are pieces of epics.
Bricks are pieces of cathedrals.

If you can write a story, then you can finish a novel.
If you can see a poem, an epic’s within reach.
If you can shape a brick, you can build a cathedral.

status: in progress; working with alphas (12k in March 2020)

Fiddler on the Roof/Maybe Next Year story

tentative titles: Thou Who Changest Not, The Same Forever, The Ancient Song

about: A modern retelling of The Fiddler on the Roof, inspired by Andrew Peterson’s song “Maybe Next Year.” Told in three parts from the points of view of the oldest three sisters.

status: handwriting, 50k so far [NANO/December 2019]

“Nero fiddled while Rome burned” story

tentative title: Why Rome burned: an exploration

about: A historical fantasy about Nero, Caligula, Poppaea, Claudia, Agrippina, Claudius, Britannicus, and others associated with the burning of Rome and the persecution of Christians. 

status: planning and researching [ON HOLD]


3 thoughts on “WIPs

  1. How do you make your covers? They’re really pretty, and tbh I need something like these for my stuff! Thank you!

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